Interview with The Muff (Naked)
May 2008 

Describe your music with 3 words?
Atomically Kick Ass!

How would you describe your band members with 3 words?
Well 3 words are not near enough to describe the other guys cause they are all so different in every way possible. But that is what makes a great band, different personalities. But they all have style baby!

With whom would you like to work together?

Well one of those impossible questions to try to awnser cause the list goes on and on and 90% of the people on it are dead today. But let's go with Paul McCartney or Prince.

Do you have any favorite song line?
Yes many many! On great on is from the song "Dancing in the moonlight" by Thin Lizzy :I always get chocolate stains on my pants. Classic stuff!!!!
But for me to pinpoint a NAKED lyric is really hard. I do dig some of the new stuff we are working on, songs called
"Powerblind" and "Reset" but you'll have to wait until they are released. Oh yeah I'm High on Blue Love is a great line

Which song of your album do you like most?
Well I guess you are referring to SUPERSTATE??? I'd have to go with "Feast Like a King" and "No One's Perfect" cause we still play them live.
"Break Free" is a good song but could have been better.
From Let's get Naked... And Start A Revolution I would pick "High On Blue
Love" and "Revolution"
And From the first album the live version we are doing of "Shelter"
But I'm really jolted about our new material. It's by far the best songs we've ever written.

What has been your first CD?
Hahaa! Well I hate the record now but KISS Crazy Crazy Nights.
But you have to know that I had all the albums from the 70's on vinyl before I bought it.

What did you buy from your first earned money?
I have no idea what so ever! I hope it was something useful like a pint of beer.

Where there any posters or some other stuff of your idols you collected during your childhood?
Fuck yes! I was a KISS-Kid! My room was filled with all kind of posters
and records and dolls, mags, books and cars and collectibles. I still have some of my KISS stuff stashed away somewhere.

Which animal would you like to be in your next life? And why?
I would like to be a pampered poodle living on 5th ave. in NYC with a rich fat lady who rides in style. Why? Why not?

If you could be a woman for one day which one would you like to be? And what would you love to do?
Deep stuff that we got here Cleopatra comes to mind right now, that would be cool. But I would choose Yoko Ono and try not to fuck up The Beatles.

With whom would you like to change for one day? And why?
The easy awnser would be some evil person from the past and not go thrue with all the evil shit they pulled like Stalin or Hitler, well you get the point. But let's not go there!!!! I would love to be James Bond for one day!
I've said it before and I'll say it again! IT WOULD KICK ASS! Save the day and get the hot babe=NICE!

If you have the chance to do your own radio show which songs would you choice? Tell us your top 10.
Ok I hope I could have my own radio show some day so this will be easy.
1. Radio Ga Ga by Queen
2. Fox On The Run By The Sweet
3. 110 the street by Bobby Womack
4. Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac
5. Goldfinger by Shirley Bassey
6. Baba O'reily by The Who
7. Do you Wanna Be My Lover by Prince
8. Light up the Sky by Van Halen
9. Last Train To London by ELO
10.The theme song to Rocky I

Which advice would you give yourself if you have the chance to meet yourself as a child?
Well I'd give myself another top-10 list of fuck ups I've done and tell myself to avoid all of them

Are there any plans for some gigs in Germany?
YES! There are some plans finally! We are aiming to come over at the end of the year maybe even sooner and we'll try to do about 10 gigs. But more info about that at the end of the summer folks.

What would you like to say to your fans in Germany?
Wie gets???? Have a nice summer and don't pass out in the sun! And If you get frisky use a rain coat!

(c) Katzuja

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