The Jade Interview

Who are The Jade? Please introduce the members to us.
Jann: The Jade is a great rock band. I’m Jann and sometimes I play the bass.
Pekko: My name is Pekko and I play guitar and write songs.
Wille: Wille Rosen, I’m the singer.
Sirpa: I´m Sirpa and I play drums.

Can you tell us something about your foundation? How did you meet each other?
Wille: Jann, Pekko and Sirpa had known each other for a long time before I came in to the picture. At first, I found Jann’s and Pekko’s add on the internet and they were looking a lead singer. A few months later Sirpa came along. We hit off really fast with the tunes.

How would you describe your music for people who don’t know you yet?
Jann: We’re powerful rock with riffs here and there and great melodies on top of it. There’s depth. The chord changes aren’t always the most usual so we have put some effort to it.
Pekko: And when it comes playing live I´d say there will always be lots of action on the stage. And sweat.
Wille: High power energy with depth and good sense of style.

What are your influences? Which Bands inspire you?
Jann: Mainly the bands from UK and US.
Pekko: And some of good Finnish stuff too.
Wille: At the moment: Jenni Vartiainen, Good Charlotte and The Cure.

Who would be your favorite duett-partner?
Jann: Wille or Pekko when we’re drunk.
Pekko: Liam Gallager of Oasis.
Wille: Jenni Vartiainen, a duet in the shower.
Sirpa: In karaoke with Ville Valo of Him.

Which situation has influenced you to make music?
Jann: Pekko forced me to.
Pekko: Basically any situation could be inspiring. Even working on the day job can do it. While working I try to keep my mind out of work so. I sing in my mind and quite often some ideas appear so I have to go and sing the lines on my mobile.
Wille: People who write and perform quality music and some characters from the movie industry. And women, they influence me to do a lot of things.

Do you have any jobs beside The Jade?
Wille: Unemployed, til’ I win the lottery or our band gets popular. Or, until I will find some shitty office job.
Jann: I watch telly. I like watching telly. There’s something about telly. It doesn’t even have to be on. But I don’t work. Unfortunately it doesn’t work for me.
Pekko: I´m a free lancer cook or chef.  I´m not sure which one but I do cooking anyway.
Sirpa: Yeh, I also have got a dayjob. Keeps me going when having my hands full.

If you have the chance to be invisible for one day, what would you do?
Jann: Take a bit of money from the bank and tease some politicians.
Pekko: I guess I´d do the same. I would try to take shitloads of money, though. And yes, politicians certainly need teasing. So, yeah..
Wille: I would put our new upcoming single, Drowning, on the airplay of the biggest radio stations around here.
Sirpa: I guess I´d go around hassling people, that would be fun..

Are there any things which you would like to do but you don’t dare till today?
Jann: Nothing at all. I always do what I fancy.
Pekko: I´ve done pretty much everything I have wanted when it comes to daring. Certainly there are hell of a lot of things I´d like to do but they cost either too much money or are just out of reach in every way.
Wille: No.
Sirpa: To have a ride in  rollercoaster at Linnanmäki, the funfair in Helsinki.

Which animal would represent you best? And why?
Jann: Some dog I guess. I’m like that, I like to sniff around the new scenery and dig licking some faces.
Pekko: A panther maybe. I try to be aware what´s going on around me. And act fast.
Wille: Well, I am an animal already. We all are.
Sirpa: A cat. I like to sleep a lot and also run around a lot.

If you have the choice, which historical event would you like to have been part of?
Jann: It woulda been great to see when they filmed Some Like It Hot.
Pekko: The Appearance of the Christ after his death.
Wille: Tourist flights around the galaxy, in the year 2111.
Sirpa: When prohibition in Finland was canceled.

What kind of job did you earn your first money with?
Jann: I think it was shoplifting. I sold whatever I stole.
Wille: I think I did some cleaning in the city parks and stuff.
Pekko: Collecting bottles and returning them to shops, I think.
Sirpa: I was helping in flowershop. As far as I remember, that was my first payed job.

Do you remember your first favourite song?
Jann: Actually I don’t but it musta been something from Hanoi Rocks or Led Zeppelin. Maybe Until I Get You live version or Black Dog.
Wille: Probably Tutti Frutti by Elvis, or some song by ABBA.
Pekko: I can´t remember.
Sirpa: I´m not sure at all. Propably some childers song.

Do you have an all time favourite album?
Jann: Quite a few of them.
Pekko: Not really. Well, Abbey Road by The Beatles is quite fucking excellent and so is Black Parade by My Chemical Romance.. Not all time favourites though. It always depends on the mood I am.
Wille: Too many to mention.
Sirpa: Same here, can´t name just one.

In April you played some gigs here in Germany. Have you ever been here before? What were your expectations?
Jann: I was there earlier on as I travelled to Poland, back then I lived in London. I had no expectations so I think the tour was filled with nice surprises. I did like it there a lot, except the fucking kebab places.
People were beautiful and the feedback was just great. Also we drank half the country.
Pekko: I think I have to say because I´ve said before that I was expecting to meet Schimanski, though I wasn´t. I didn´t expect anything else than play the gigs. And we did and I liked it a lot.
Wille: I usually don’t expect anything, but reach for the best outcome. That way I won’t be disappointed if everything falls down. I had been in Germany two times when I was a child, but don’t remember anything from those trips.
Sirpa: I visited some town for a day when I was a kid, but I would not count that couse I don´t remember much of it.For this time I did not have any expectations I think...I was just thrilled and excited about the tour. And it will be great to be back!

In Autumn you will be on tour with Matthau Mikojan here in Germany. How did it come to this cooperation?
Jann: After the tour in April we were contacted by the company Cantus Infernum and they are great. We were asked if we were up for it, as they saw us there then. Well, of course we were up for it. It’ll be just great!!
Sirpa:Yeh, we had already talked about possible touring plans with Cantus Infernum about one year ago, and now the situation was just perfect.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?
Wille: Watch out for our first official single: Drowning, coming out in the near future!
Jann: Of course Henry the horse in dancing the waltz.
Pekko: You will find "Drowning" also in our myspace profile. And if you are lucky you may be able to download it for free. So keep your mp:3´s and Ipods ready.
Sirpa: Stay rock, stay tuned!

(c) Katzuja

[a huge thank you to the guys of The Jade who were so patient to answer all our questions properly]

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