Private Line Interview
Berlin (Wild at Heart)


We’re stting in a small backstage room. Jack,Spit and Eliaz from Prvate Line are sitting on a couch infront of us.

How are you? And how were your last days in germany?

Jack: We’re are really great, but the mood is bit raged. We’re tired and sick after 4 days. But tomorrow it’s gonna be our day off. So we gonna get better. And there are still 6 show to come, after this one.

Will you stay here in Berlin?

J: Yeah we gonna stay here in Berlin,tomorrow.
Eliaz: We’re kind of feel Berlin *all laughing*
J: Just a little bit.It’s pretty fun.

Which one was your best concert on this tour ‘till now?
E: In technical point of view,yesterday was ...*all agree and say* Hamburg...
Why? Just because of the technical?
E: Yeah,I think all the shows were totally  cool...yesterday was the best show for us. You know... If  the audience can’t see any difference between the shows., but for us it was...*thinking* perfect.

Now you’re back in Berlin and you were already here in 2005 for a concert. What are your memories about this gig? have you done anything special?

J: Here we were actually drinking beer after the show. This is our second plan.
E: Yeah it was a good thing.There was nothing special.

What about the gig? How was it?
J: It was awsome.There were a lot of fans.We didn’t have any records out here. And we still haven’t. Those record haven’t released yet. We were suprised, because we didn’t expect anything. There’s such a fanbase!

How does a Privat-Line-Song develope? Is there some kind of structure in the way you write songs or do you just let it happen?
J: There are many ways. Sometimes...
E: ...It just happens.
J: Sometimes somebody brings a whole song to the rehearsal room. We gonna change it to the right direction. It’s not a ready song for the album, in the first place.

Name your favourite Private-Line-Song – and the reason for that, what does it mean to you?
E: Hmmm... Which songs we have? Billion Star Hotel.
J: Many songs. It depends on the mood and day. I don’t listen to our cds.
Spit: You don’t???
J: No.
S: I do everyday... *all laughing*
J: I try. It depends. At Live shows Alive, Broken Promised Land are good ones.

Could you imagine a topic that you never ever would write a song about, e.g. politics?

S: Rock and Roll Lifestyle.
J: Yeah, like these chliché Rock and Roll songs.
S:Rock and Roll happens!
J: Yeah, it’s hard to write a good Rock’n’Roll song if you talking about Rock’n’Roll and women ... and sex ... and boobs (all) and drugs and everything. That’s too chliché. Maybe politics is one of the issues that is boring to play and sing a song about.
S: It depends.
E:It depends how you make the lyrics.

Why did you cover Mötley Crües „Live Wire“?
S:We didn’t have enough songs for the album.. *all laughing* No, we were playing it at Liveshows.

Short break because we've been interrupted by the Sister Crew.

S: Moment mal [german words]. We’re playing it two or three years before we covered it. It’s a great song.

Which situation has influenced you to make music?
J: Situations?
E: My parents are musicians,my cousins are musicians...
S: You were all musicians...
E: Yeah, I’m so into music. *all laughing* Maybe because of my father, he plays piano.

What are your influences? Which Bands inspire you?
J: Many bands, but if I have to mention...
E: Johann Sebastian Bach, Judas Priest *all laughing*
J: It’s hard to speak after you. EAT, Hanoi Rocks, Mötley Crüe, Nine Inch Nails.
S: We can continue.
J: There are a lot of artists that we all like. It’s easy to play in a band, if you heare the same bands and music. Because everybody likes different kind of music, it’s hard to say where the inspiration comes from.

Your songs help people to deal with difficult situations. Are there any songs which help you somehow?

J: You mean our songs or other ones?
Other songs , not yours.
J: Of course. I think music is all about the feeling. You get the feeling, if you listen to *thinks*
S: ...Rock’n’ Roll song from Mötley Crüe you wanna have a party. And when you are feeling depressed or low, you like some mellow music. It depends on the mood.
E: Yes, there are many artists when I’m happy and wanna go out.

Which song would you like to cover? Except “Live Wire”.
J: A lot of songs.
S: A finnish band called....[Says a finnish band name and song, but unfortunately I wasn't able to understand it.]

Which band should never be covered, in your opinion?
J: Which band? There are a lot of bands.
Name some...
J: One band comes to my mind, but I don’t wanna mention it. You don’t have to know. All these covers, it’s like, well, like we did “Live Wire”. Maybe too much like the original. I like coversongs that sounds like the artists who performed them. If you listen for example to Ramones Tribute album. There are a lot of good covers. Like Pretenders. You should listen to it.

Which band should cover your songs?
J: should cover? I don’t know...
S: Mötley Cüre! *all laughing*

And which one? Do you have a favorite?
J: Marilyn Manson could do Little Sister.

Do you have a favorite songline?
J: Songline? From the Lyrics? Ehhh?!
J&S: Little is too little and little more ain’t enough.
J: It’s from Superstate IQ from our first EP.

Which advice would you give yourself,if you have the chance to meet you  as a child?
S: Don’t cope with the beer. *all laughing* And you shouldn’t play those drums.
E: Play the piano.
J: I have nothing to regret. I don’t have any advice.

If you have the choice, which historical event would you like to have been part of?
S: Tourbonegro.
J: Historical event? ...*looks at Spit*
E: Berlin Wall.
E: No.
J: Some old concert from the past.Some like Woodstock or Motorpop.
S: Ramones ’77 new years eve in London. *all agree* There is a live album.

Are there any things which you would like to do but you don’t dare till today?
J: There are many things we have done. What you don’t want to know. *all laughning* I think there’s no point of asking what we do.
So you do what you want. And don’t think about it.
J: We think about it later. *all laughning*

If you have the chance to go on a time travel,would you choose the past or the future?And why?
J: Both, I’d love to make the timemachine for many years. But I don’t have the talent for that. I would go to the past.
J:Because there is no future.

Is there any place where you would like to play a concert?
E: Germany!!!
Now you playedsome gigs here...
J: Japan, again. And maybe some dream come true with Madisons Square Garden.

Now you played already some shows here in Germany. What are your impressions concerning the german audience?
J: Awsome.
E: Great.
Is there a difference between the audience today and betwenn this in 2005?
J: Of course! The audience knows the songs much better because of the internet. It’s easier to play if the audience knows the songs. You get a better conection to it.
Thank you for the interview.

(c) Sunny and Katzuja

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