Interview with Jonne Aaron (Negative)
23.08.2008 Hämeenlinna

How are you?

Jonne: Fine. I am pleased to be here. I cannot wait my best friend, he was two weeks in England, he got back yesterday and I haven't seen him yet. So we can celebrate tonight *smiles*
That's gonna be great!
And it's nice to play. I mean, I don't know. This Hämeenlinna is like the asshole of Finland, so it seems to me. *laughter* Seems like the circle is going around.
So you don't like the city?
Jonne: I don't know. There is this certain atmosphere that makes me ... hmm ... I necessarily doesn't mean that I don't like it. It has a really unique spirit over here. *grins*

You'll tour through Finland?
Jonne: Yeah!
Do you think it will be different than the other tours? Because you are only five guys on stage?
Jonne: Hmm ... yeah. I think of course it's different. We played for may years as a six memeber band but I think yesterday we got a really self-confident kick in our ass, you know, by the show. Because everything went so well. It totally proofed that there is a future for the Negative like it is now.
That sounds good.
Jonne: Oh yeah it's really. I mean, we got a lot of positive feedback from the crowd. Many people came to see us. It was a nice show. To me personally, I really enjoyed it.
But of course it'll be different but I don't know, hopefully there will be ... latest in december we will be tired as young girls... *grins* You know? *smiles*
As you are now five guys in the band who gets the single room in the hotel?
Jonne: I have to say, always we have a lottery going on for that. So everyone picks a number.
Is it better to be alone or to be with another one?
Jonne: I like to be alone sometimes. I'm that kind of person. I really enjoy to be alone.
But I think Antti, our bass player - ... I used to share a room with Antti. And Jay used to share with Snack and Larry was with Christus but ... I think it's different. So probably it's for me.

How did it happen that you became a singer and not a guitarist or whatever?

Jonne: I started as a guitar player. You know, it was my first dream that I wanna learn how to play the guitar and I was at the age of 12 I got a spark on music. But after a few years I realized that I am not a so good guitarist and I don't wanna develope. That's not me. I just realized that composing and writing songs, that's my cup of tea.

How did you start with singing - under the shower?
Jonne: *smiles like a child* Yeah... *laughter* I used to remember when I was in Kindergarden and we used to sing all this traditional songs that you usually do in that age. So it was really nice. *sings one of those songs* this.
Oh I know it in German.
Jonne: Yeah, it is about raining weather.

You know there are two different characters of singers on stage? The one standing calm infront of the microphone and the other one jumping around. What do you think, is it easier to express feelings while acting more on stage?
Jonne: Yeah in a way. I think it's some kind of agression that I'm trying to put out. I always enjoyed that kind of entertainers who are really moving and they are living the moment on stage. They are not just singing and wishing that they were somewhere else. You know, I really like Mick Jagger, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, Robbie Williams... I think he is the best entertainer of new generation. There are so many great artists who are my heros and of course you can see some moves *shows something with his hands* that come unconsciously when you are on the stage. But I agree with that. I am not ashamed to admit that.

Which 3 singers do you consider the best of all times?
Jonne: Singers? All the times? There are so different kind of... I don't have any certain category. I like to listen all kind of music. I'd say as an entertainer and as a singer: Freddy Mercury. He's definetly my favourite one. But as a songwriter there was John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They had a really good sense of melody. I really fell in love with that. And Kurt Cobain. He had a really straight...hmm, I think I came really close with his style because it was the first song of Nirvana that I've ever learned. You know, to play some riffs or to sing. It's closer of my tack, you know how I pronounce my voice on stage.
You looked a lot like him when you where younger.
Jonne: Kurt Cobain? Yeah of course I got my inspiration from him because he was definately my influence in those days when Negative was born in 1997
Of course he was really talented but on the other hand it's a shame. I think it it's a waste of such a talent that he passed away so early.
I was really said when he blow *forms a pistol with his hand* this thing off.

When you hear certain words do you have a special melody in your head?
Jonne: I usually come first with the melody and afterwards comes lyrics but yeah sometimes. You know unusually it comes hand in hand. It's some kind of... I don't know what it is but it comes from somewhere. I'ts a wireless part that connects those ideas from somwhere and takes then down *points at his head*
But yeah some words make me wake up that certain feeling and then I start to *starts to pretend playing the guitar*
Your fingers are just moving and it's like I don't know... a magic trick.
I don't even know how to do it. It just happens.

Have you ever sat down and wrote a song and then thought "Yeah, this is the best one I've ever done"?
Jonne: Everytime *laughs* I mean when it is a song that will be on our album okay not everytime. Because sometimes you don't even know you probaply thinking that at the moment you come up with the idea you might easily feel like this is the best one I've ever came up with. afterwards you take it to rehersal place and you are a littlebit like : "I don't know about this, I don't know about that". And the other guys say "Hei, it's brilliant"
But you just know you have that certain really strong bound for it when you come up with an idea. You just know in some way "That's it!"

Okay wich one is your best one? What do you think?
Jonne: I don't know. I don't know. Of course if we are talking about albums I have to say that I would be a liar if I say that our latest one is not the best. Because it's always. It's closest to you.
So propably "Karma Killer" at the moment. I think it's the best we've ever done. I don't deny what we have done previously either. I think each album is a figure at time.
And what is the worst song you have ever written? Something you want to deny?
Jonne: I have to say that I'm a really creative person, musicly. There are a lot of ideas I have on my laptop and they probaply won't never ever go to anyone.
They'll just stay there for my joy. Probaply some of them are from my early days. I've to say that there are a few tracks that probaply I'd erase if that would be possible. Thank God of YouTube that they are available for everyone. *grins*
So, I guess I know them. *smiles*
Jonne: You know?
When I started to book, I was booking a studio for our first demo recordings back in 1998/1999. I remember we were even trying to play those ideas I had and I had like one or two songs before we went to the studio and I told the guys "Yeah I' ve got 4 or 5 ideas and these are really good" and I didn't have them. Only a few notes. So I booked the studio before I even got the songs. And that was a secret *laughs* I've never told that to anyone. Not even Slammer knows that.

(We've been interrupted by Larry who entered the little bus we were sitting in. After Jonne told him that we were doing an interview, he joined us for some time)

Do you have special places for songwriting?
Jonne: Ehm...usually at home. But it doesn't take place it can happen anywhere. It doesn't take time or place but usually at home and mostly at night time, then you are really creative. For some reason, I don't know. It seems like when the world is sleeping you are starting to wake up.
Larry: Now we've been writing together.
Jonne: Yeah.
Larry: In our rehearsal.
Jonne: Yeah we tried a little bit. We have done our four albums in the same methods but we want to break with that a little bit. So at the moment we are writing together at the rehearsal place. And we are just-
Larry: - sharing ideas.
Jonne: Yeah, sharing ideas. And there's Snack also with us. It's different.
Larry: Three brains think the same thing.
Jonne: It's more powerful than just one or two. But it's different anyway.

Are the lyrics more fictional or like a diary entry?
Jonne: I like to use what I've come through. How I feel or see things. How are the closest to us see things and feel. I would be lying if I d say there's no fiction at all. There's a bit fiction also. But you know, just a little bit, just for sugar.

(after Larry asked us where we are from - we where interrupted by a little conversation)

What was the craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?

Jonne: I won't even tell you.

Jonne: Just use your imagination. There are so many long stories. I think we would run out of time. We need to cut a few songs from our setlist if I'm gonna tell you the story.

Oh no they will kill us...

Jonne: Yeah. *laughs*
Larry: There was this suicide of that chinese girl. She was lying in front of our bus.

Jonne: We weren't able to get to the airport...

Larry: She was lying under the wheel.

Jonne: She thought I'm her soulmate. She came to bang at my door in the hotel. And it was a little bit heating situation. Cos it took some time for me *dejected* There are so many but I like to think positive...

- not "negative" *smiling*

Jonne: *smiles again*

By the way where did you get the band name from?

Jonne: I think it has also something to do with Nirvana again. Because I fell in love with the song "Negative Creep". And I was really up in that those days, probably more than now, because I had to go to school and stuff like that. And I hated it, being in school. I mean it was a good place to hang out with friends.

Larry: And now you have to hang out with us.

Is it better?

Jonne: *laughs* Yeah, it's like a summer camping...from hell...*laughter*

Is there any song you can sing along but you think it's embarrassing to know the lyrics?

Jonne: *thinks* There are so many *laughs* Some of Take That or Backstreet Boys.

You can sing them along? You know the lyrics?

Jonne: Yeah *smiles*

Maybe you should cover them?*smiles*

Jonne: *starts to sing "Babe" by Take That*

If you are forced to take part in "Idols" - Casting, which song would you choose?

Jonne: *thinks*

Your own?

Jonne: Probably not...*scratches his head* Probably some worse song, the worst song that is available because I'd never want to continue in this contest. *smiles* Something for the Red-Light...*laughter* You know what I mean...

(Larry interrupts him again because he's leaving)

Jonne:...Maybe some song of Robbie Williams, seriously..."Angels" or "Let me entertain you"!

(Larry comes back and distracts Jonne)

You will release your new album in Germany?

Jonne: *thinks* Ehm...Yeah! *laughter* It's already announced on our website. I can't remember a date. It'll be out soon...

And will you come for a tour?
Jonne: Yeah, in december...

In december? Are there any dates yet?

Jonne: Yeah, they'll be also announced soon. On our website

Okay! So anything left you want to tell your fans?

Jonne: Stay "Negative" and stay as you are. I don't know. Just try to enjoy little things each day that makes your life perfect.

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