Interview with Bloodpit
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Please introduce yourself and the band.
Alarik: I'm Alarik, this *points at Paavo* is Paavo and we play in a band called Bloodpit. *laughs*

Your new Line-up was presented 2 months ago.
Paavo: Jepp!
How does it feel to be back?
A: Really great.
P: Yeah *nods*
A: I think we have a better line-up ever right now. It feels good.
P: It was hard last autumn when there was no band. We had a band like about half of our lives. Thats hard, not playing music and not doing shows
and stuff like that. It's nice to be back.

What have you been doing the last year?
A: Working in a warehouse *laughs*
P: A very bad job, bad paid.
A: ... and drinking *smiles* like right now. *points at the glasses*
P: We wanted to order Ginger Ale but they didn't have it so we had to take some beer.

So you have a job beside the band?
P: Not right now but hopefully soon.
A: I am a teacher. A drum-teacher. But now there are some vacations and I’ll start again in September. I play and teach.

What job have you done before the band? Was there anything you learned?

A: I taught. *laughs*

You played some gigs as a Trio last year. Why? Who had the idea?
P: There were cover-gigs. We were called "The Potato-Junkies" It was just an idea to get back to play some music again. It was my idea: Okay lets do a couple of shows. I just screamed those vocals. It was fun. After the first Potato-Junkies show we decided that we want to continue creating some music together because we played together so long.

So you decided very soon to recover Bloodpit?
P: Not very soon but we were talking about that we will keep playing all together but we didn't have any kind of blast. Then we started to make new songs and we realized that they sound like Bloodpit songs and then we started to think about maybe when we find a good singer and good people with us we might be able to continue.
A: I think that it was last January or something when we decided.
P: November, when we had the first thought.
A: Yeah.
P: I asked them and they were like: Okay let's see what gonna happen and we ask our record company if it will be weird to continue and they said: No it wouldn't be that weird if you have songs and a new singer. Then of course we are interested.
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How did you make your choice for the new members. Were they your first choice or were there other candidates, too?
P: The singer was the first choice.
A: But Pierto for guitar, we had one guy who was there to rehearsal.
P: He played with us a couple of times but then he decided that he needs more time because he has his own band. Then there was Pierto, a funny guy who came to rehearsals and then this was it.

How did you get Antti away from Mockshot? What did you promise him?
P: *laughs*
A: We gonna loose his brain or something *laughs* I don't know we didn't promise anything. Okay, we have a good band and there you go!
P: First he was right to go on with Mockshot then I asked him to join our band. I said of course you can have other bands, too.
But then everything happened so quickly and he had to make the choice as it is impossible to have two bands.
A: If you play drums in a band you can do that. But if you are a front singer its like twisted.

You are going to record your new stuff in the next weeks?
P: We already recorded some. Only Antti is at the moment in studio doing his vocal parts. I played my last part yesterday.

So how will the songs sound like?
A: It's a little bit old and something new. I think the songs sound as old...
P: They are accidently a bit poppy *laughter*
A: We have two of our own songs and four Coversongs. I like the new songs a lot. They sound a bit poppy but there is this...
P: Something old and something new.

Will some of your old songs be recorded again?
A: No no...
P: They are done already.
A: Only new songs.

What about the songwriting? Who is responsible for it?
A: We compose *points at Paavo* most of the songs and Antti makes the lyrics.

How do you get inspiration for the new songs? Why are they sounding a bit poppy and not even hard or something like this?
P: I don't know. All that happens very accidently for me when I compose. I start to play and I don't know what's coming. If it sounds good I don't care if it sounds poppy or whatever.
A: A good song is always a good song. I also like some poppy songs. When it's good it's good.
P: If you have some kind of beautiful popsong you can't make it metal or rough. It's not the same song anymore.

How long do you want to do this music job? Do you still want to be on stage when you are 60 or 70?
P: Maybe. I don't know anything else to do, so I hope.
Don't you think about a family or something like that? Or is it possible beside the music?
P: It's possible to have a family and a band, I guess. At least my father had. *laughs* *touches his head* or maybe that's because I'm like this.*laughter*
No no, you can play in a band and have a family. I believe. It's hard...
But possible.
P: Yeah.

You get a visit of some friend of abroad who gets over here for the first time. What will you show him/her of Tampere?
A: Ehm... The Ice-Hall. *laughs*
P: Hmm I don't know.
A: Dogs Home.
P: Yeah. *laughter* and Näsinneula. From here I show *spreads his arm and points out of the window* "look over there". *laughter*


If you could be an animal what kind of animal would you like to be?
P: Mosquito.
P: They are so annoying *laughs* I want to annoy people. When I am flying around they always clap with the hands. *claps around with his hands*
And you? *looks at Alarik*
A: Some friends said that I look like a wombat. *smiles* *laughter*

If you are forced to take place in an Idols-Casting which song would you choose for your performance?
P & A *thinking*
You don't want to sing eh?
A: London Bridge *hums* and maybe I would sing some song from Popeda.

What are your favourite bands?
A: Hmm... I guess I don't have a favourite band. You know I like "The Deftones" a lot. But beside I like a lot of Nu Metal like KoRn but no special.
P: It's the same for me, too. Sometimes I listen to older stuff and sometimes to old Metallica -Albums. Maybe I've been listening a lot to Day Eleven.
A: I like Day Eleven. It's a great band.

And as a kid? Are there any bands you think know it was embarrassing to listen to them?
P: *grins* I had some Scorpions-cassettes. I like this kind of... I had this kind of... nostalgie times. I liked it as a kid. When I hear some Scorpion-Songs I remember when I was a kid.
A: I had a CD of Dr. Alban...*big laughter*
Oh and Dr. Alban had a gig last week in Tampere. *laughs*


When you are sitting in a bar or somewhere else and you hear your own song played from the radio, how does it feel?
A: Maybe it's a bit confusing. Of course not here in Dog's Home because there is there are some in the jukebox. But if you are at some other place, yeah it's weird. Then I don't know what to do. Maybe I read or something. *thumbs through the newspaper*
You try to ignore it?
A: Yeah, that's it!

What are you doing after a drunken night? What is the first thing you are doing in the morning, evening or whenever you wake up?
P: What did I today? *thinks*
A: Maybe I drink water, take those painkillers and - *waves about with his hands*
P: - and a beer! *laughter*
A: Today I was about four hours in the internet. Surfing and doing nothing, just to do something.

You once had this dream about John Lennon and the applepie. Do you believe in dreams?
P: *laughs*
A: I don't remember my dreams, never.
P: Sometimes I remember I had a dream but I've got no idea what it was about. That's not nice.
A: But sometimes I know what kind of dream I had because I had some wet in my pants. *smiles*

Do you have some expectations of the bands future?
P: No! I don't know what to expect.
A: A lot of gigs...
P: I want some shows to fit the band more together.
A: We have to get the band working.
P: Maybe it gets to somewhere or maybe not. I think we have or at least I have time. We are not waiting if the next album will be a hit album. I just want to get back on tour. To get back on track. Macking music and making shows and let's see what's happening.
So, are there any gigs planned?
P: Yeah.
A: We are going to St.Petersburg. And I think we will have about 15 shows...
P: There is a tour coming through Finland in November. But not all dates are confirmed yet.
And abroad?
P: Hopefully.
A: I know that few gigs in Russia right now.
P: I think there'll be some more somewhere else as well.

What country would you like to tour most?
A: My dream is it to have a big tour in the States. We had the one gig in LA a few years ago but I want a big tour. I want to see the place.


After the first gig, how where the reactions concerning the new singer?
A: The reactions were very good because I didn't hear anything bad.
P: But it's very hard, it's not easy for him. Like he said Bloodpit was his favourite band before. It was like: I don't want to sing in your band, I'd rather come and see your show. *smiles* And he's getting better. He is still developing. He is good now but I think he'll be very good someday.

Any last words?
A: *raises the glass* Kippis!
*clinking glasses*


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