Interview with The Muff (Naked)
05.09.2008 Tampere


Did you like the show?

We had some technical difficulties and problems. But generally it's quite alright. Everytime we play outside it rains or something. It's nice to see that people are still coming to check us out. *laughs*
I sound like a guy from Popeda. It's great.

Do you like to play in Tampere?

"Ja es ist toll." (in English: Yes, it's great.)

How much German do you speak?
Well, it depends on how much beer I have been drinking. *laughs* Tikka speaks it fluently. But I can't communicate.

short discussion where we are living, slided topic to Helsinki

You told us you are living in Helsinki-

No no, you persumed that I live there. *laughs*

But you do?

Yes. I do.

If there is a friend visiting you in Helsinki what would you show him/her?
M: Hmm... My flat.

What? Nothing of the city?

No Helsinki bores me. Especially at night. The bars are boring. I don't like to go there anymore. It's always the same since five years. When I am going out I prefer to go to friend's place, more private. I wouldn't show anything of the city but my flat. *grins* It's the best place to be for me.

I read that you will release a new EP soon.
Yeah, "Chasing Charlie" *smiles*

Tell us something about it!

It will be three songs and it will be out soon because it should be out before the new album will be released. To shorten the time of waiting. We are going to record soon and the album comes in the beginning 2009.
Thanks to Internet we are able to publish it there. So what we decided because we love our fans and it's been a year since we put anything out we decided to put out this 3 songs we have finished now. Right now I'm lying, we will finish them on tuesday. I don't know if they will be on the album but at least two or one, I don't know, it's depending if we'll be beaten by inspiration. If the album is not gonna be ten or eleven songs it's gonna be much longer. It's like there are some songs which have to wait for a while and then you got the songs plus an album. But it's great, it's the best we've sounded.

So you are satisfied?

Yeah it's not shit. It actually sounds good. It's not like our last album.*laughter*

You don't like the last album?

It could have been better.


Are there any other news? A tour or something?
Yeah, we planned a longer tour at the end of the year but then we decided to complete our album first. Because we need a good album. Now we have a few songs for it. We gonna write some more and we will continue recording in a couple of weeks and then we gonna have the album done by christmas. Hopefully. But every of the other three albums we have done in two fucking weeks. Two weeks! Try that! *threatens with his finger* But now it takes more time and we are not renting some fucking expensive equipment and studios because we got out shit together. So we're doing it ourself in this sacred place we have. But everybody who heard that stuff said it's good - the demos. The last album was good but it didn't have any - you know, megalomaniac. The second album was more like "we go to radio" and then we made a punkrockalbum with weird queer shit on it. It's great.

Who is responsable for songwriting?
Well, for the new album I've been involved in writing every song. Five songs I've done all on my own. The tracks I write with Zack, the music we do together and then I write the lyrics. And then we have a song we have on the album we wrote with a couple of swedish guys who wrote with Backyard Babies and stuff like that. That was pretty cool. Then I don't know, maybe I do something with Ilari. It's pretty much than in any other band. I mean if Hitler had a band he would have written alone.

What do you think is the best song of your own?
*thinks* *turns aside and asks one of us* What's your favourite?
Ehhh..No one's perfect.

We didn't play it today but we'll play it tomorrow. That's an alright song.
Yeah I like the video.

Yeeah, I showed it to my friend and he asked: "Who's the girl?" And I was like: It's no girl, it's me! A girl has no hair there *points at his belly and even deeper*

Oh but why have you got hair in your face? (he had a moustache at this day and it looked weird)

I am having a mascerade and I don’t want to buy a faked moustache so I tried to let grew my own. *laughter* And I become very attached to it, so after the mascerade I will see if it stays on or not.

after a short discussion that he ‘please’ cut this hair out of his face we continued where we drifted away before

My favourite song? I always liked ‘High on blue love’ With the new record we have this saying: If any song is at least as good as ‘High in blue love’… The shitiest song should be as good as ‘High in blue love’. That would be cool. So we will see, maybe we will do an interview again in 2009 then I maybe have to change my opinion. I don’t know. ‘Revolution’ is great live, ‘High on blue love’ is alright, because it’s a great track and ‘Halleluja’

What song would you like to cover?

We don’t do cover but we are thinking about. One would be Police’s *looks confused* I shouldn’t tell you this because then everybody knows *grins*. The first track from their first album. Another one would be ‘Hot Love’. But we would never cover songs of Guns ‘n’ Roses or ‘Mötley Crüe’ or ‘Hanoi Rocks’ or..
Because everybody does?

Yeah!!! And why the fuck…There is one thing I don’t understand, why cover ‘Beatles’ or ‘ABBA’? It’s not like you can make the tracks better. What do I have to give to the song? Nothing. I don’t understand. Rockbands think: OK, we take the song from the 70’s or something and we play it a little bit faster with more guitar. That sucks! I haven’t yet heard in a couple of years a cover that would be ‘oh yeah! That sounds good to that song.’ The best thing is the people think the song is yours but it’s a cover, it isn’t made on your own and then they listen to the original and your version is better. That would be a kickass. I shall give you an example but I don’t have any in my mind at the moment.


How do you get ready for the show?

I don’t know if I should tell you?!... *laughs* What do I do?
Taking off your clothes and standing naked in front of a mirror? *laughs*

*laughs* Yeah, and I say “? 25” *screams*
Well, Ilari talks a lot. Zack doesn’t do anything. Now I should tell you some fucking wild and crazy story but for after the concert. I stretch a little bit warm up my voice so that I don’t sound that shit later because you have to do that if you are a rock n roll singer. You have to take care of your voice. I stretch and warm up my voice and then we play yatzee. *searches for the dices*
Who is the best one at yatzee?


He had to proof us his yatzee talent with playing the dices one round and showing us black on white that he is always the winner.

We play yatzee and drink Jack Daniels *smiles*

Even more yatzee talk brought us somehow to a little chat about our names and German surnames and about his name we are not allowed to mention here otherwise he promised to kill us

How did you get your artist name ‘The Muff’?

When I was about one year old a family friend said something close to it. From then everybody started to call me ‘Muffe’. And when I was about 15 or 16 I wanted to Americanize it. Because all the band guys had a rockstar name and shit like that. And I became ‘The Muff’ without knowing that it means hairy pussy.
I didn’t know that. It’s not like ‘I know I call myself hairy pussy.’ *laughter*

The best concert you ever had?

That was probably at my mums birthday and I sang ‘Careless Whisper’ drunk in front of the family and cursed them. *laughs* *starts to sing that song*
The greatest concert, I don’t know. Maybe in the future. In some nights you have shity nights and you can’t do anything about that. And when everybody is in the zone and the girls are screaming and flesh you know, that is great. *smiles* I mean all the people where younger people come to see us are great, because we want to play for the youth and not the old fat beer drinker. I’d love to see a hairy fat beer drinker showing his tits, I think that would be very cool. As a cool as seeing nice breast *huge and nasty smile*

The craziest thing a fan has ever done to you?
M: *laughs out loud* I am not gonna tell you that!!! Plenty of stuff. Crazy? I mean what is crazy? If you really like somebody then it is probably normal to sent your diary.

We were interrupted by Ilari entering the van to get his bag and by the girls outside the fan waiting for Muff.

Crazy stuff? Nothing comes to my mind now. *crazy voice* Because I am so insane!!!

Ilari interrupts us again because he is still searching for his games.

Beside the band, what are you doing?
What do I do? I am a magician. *smiles* No! *smiles even more* I have this great company. I really like what I do. It's not a public thing but it's in the voice business, voice service. Even if I have a million dollars I would still do it because I think you need something else than to play Rock 'n' Roll music. *sings* Because then you can focus on it.

What woman did you want to marry as a kid?
*grins* A lot! *smiles* I never had any Pamela Anderson posters. And I am not into blonde. *grins* As a child? Hmm... I don't know.
Maybe your mum?
Yeah, probably yes. The Oedipus Complex. I've been attracted to women all my life. *grins and nods his head*
So you are a bad guy? *smiles*
No, I am not a bad guy. *looks innocent* I respect women.

And whom would you take if you have to marry a guy?
I probably marry Zack. Then he would be my bitch. *laughs* Or maybe I'd marry Ilari, he's good looking. *smiles* And he's a vegetarian. I wouldn't marry my brother. *laughs*
Ilari (who just entered the front part of the van): Aren't you engaged with Zack?
M: Yeah, we talked about that. *grins*
Ilari: Since 1984?!
M: Yeah, '84. I don't know. Brad Pitt? Hmm...

We have been interupted by a few fans waiting outside for The Muff. They asked for buttons and other stuff and Muff has been polite and gave them everything they were asking for.
Afterwards we were able to continue...


What is your favourite place on earth?
Our rehearsals place toilet. My own toilet. That's the only fucking place you can really be alone. You can take your dumb and you can play with your cellphone. *pretends to sit on toilet with mobile in his hand* I have got this great cell phone game I am so addicted to. It's like this track and field game it's called 'Playmen summergames 3'. And then you know: A good shit is a good shit! *grins* And then I like my own bed. And I love my flat, it's really cool.
My flat is different and special. It's not as ordinary as other flats. With ladders and so one.
A bit freaky?
Yeah... very freaky!
And a bad in the roof. A huge Coca Cola refrigerator. So, my home.
And, my own space - this will gonna sound fucked up - when I can't sleep or want to flee from other people when I need my own space then I turn on Kimi Räikkönen and drive my circles. *laughs*
I love Kimi Räikkönen. I hate Schuhmacher, but he was awesome.

And again we were interrupted by a short discussion about Formula 1 and whom we are for.

You proofed us some German. What other languages do you speak?
Fluently I speak English, Finnish - sometimes *smiles* - Swedish, a little German and then I know 'Kalamara' *laughs out loud* I don't know if it is Spanish or Italian. Yeah four. But you know, I can't do perfect German. 'Ich bin so müde' (in English: I am so tired) And: 'Zack ist ein Ziegelpimmel' *laughter*
I never heard this word. *grins* Where did you learn this?
*points outside the window* Zack, he came up with it.

When you hear the word Germany, what gets into your mind?
I have German blood of course in me.
So you have relatives over there?
My grandmother and grandfather's parents or something like this. In Hamburg, I think.
What comes into my mind? Germany is great. I love it. We have been there, once or twice.
I heard you will tour there?
Yeah, when the album comes out.
I've been to Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Köln.

One more time we drifted away from our topic. Talked about where we are from in Germany and about Eau de Cologne - we forget about the number of this perfume and had to ask Tikka for help.
After this Tikka joined our little group and we were talking about a lot nonsense.
But at least The Muff had some last words for the readers:

Await our Album, buy the CD's, come to our shows and Vielen Dank.

(c) LahjaDea, PinkBambi

[huge thx to mister Muffe for doing this interview with us and taking your time. Never laughed that much before. Thanks as well to the rest of the band especially Mr Tikka. Kiitos!]

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