Interview with The Jade
Berlin Wild at Heart

We’re standing in a small backstage-room in a little corner with Sirpa, Wille and Jann.

Welcome back to Germany. How are you after one week of touring?
S: Tired but very happy.

What are your impressions concerning this Tour? Is there a difference between this one and the one in April?
W: I think it is a lot more professional. At the last tour, there were more Headliner. Now there were more people to see us. Last tour it was great to see Germany the first time. But now we made the point.


Do you have any rituals before going on stage?

S: Nothing special. I check my stuff.
W: I stretch out, sing a little bit and hoover the words of the songs in my head before going on stage.

With which Band would you like to go on tour?
All: Matthau of course...Matti, Matti, Matti
*Matthau is dancing in the background*
W: There are so many bands...
J: Kill Hannah, they are a great band.
S: Linkin Park, Aiden.

Congratulations to your record deal. How did it come to this?
J: What happened was, the record company called us and wanted to see us playing live on stage. And we welcomed them to see us at our next live show. And after it, we signed it.
So you convinced them.

J: Yeah, but we have to meet with lawyer to check the contract.

When will be your first album released?

W: There are no exact dates, but it seems to be in spring next year.

Why do you choose Drowning as your first single?
J: We didn’t choose it. We have no opinion to it, it was the record company.
What about this song, can you tell us something about it?

J: It is written by our guitar player. I don’t know.
W: It’s about swimming, if you start to drown.


How do you write a song? Is it teamwork or does it everybody on his own and you meet at the rehearsal and put it together?
J: We write the songs all individual and put them together in our rehearsal. Pekko writes most of the songs. He is a really great guitar player.

What do you think about cover songs? Which song would you like to cover?

J:  They are cool.
W: I hate them. One or two, here and there. But I think if you have enough good songs you don’t need them.

If you have the chance to choose a band, which one should cover one of your own songs?

S: A great band called Smack. They have a lot great songs.
W: U2.

For which own song would you like to shoot a video?
W: We are shooting a video for our next single, which will be out in a couple of month.
J *looks at Wille*: Should we tell the song title?
W: No... *smiles*

Did you see any sights of the cities where you have been the last days?
S: Not really. There was no time for it. But we have a day off and we will see Berlin.
J: But it’s a nice country.


You are from Helsinki. What should somebody visit, if he has been there for the first time? Some clubs or stores or sights?
W: If you come to Helsinki?

W: Some kind of bars.
What kind of bars?

W: It depends on what you like. If you want to see bands, On The Rocks. But there are so many bars.

Now you have been here a few times in Germany. What would you say is typical German?

J: Beer.
W: Beer, and Turkish people. *pauses* Beautiful Turkish people.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

J: I think they know us already. And they know how we feel.
W: Entschuldigen Sie bitte, hören sie Drowning. [in English: Excuse me, listen to Drowning]
S: We want to thank everyone who came to our shows.

Thank you for the Interview.


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