14.10.2oo8, Lovex @ Cologne, Underground

First we’ve got a present for you..
Theon: Yo..
[both looked quite surprised, but’re searching out which one they like to have..]

Let’s start. How has the tour been until now?
T: Awesome. Amazing, yeah.
So you like being in Germany again?
T: Definitely.
Julian: Yeah..
T: Yes.
[both are nodding]

Does anything special happen until now?
T: Ah… Well some of the guys had a pretty wild night yesterday, but.. [looks to Julian, grins]
What do you mean by that?
T: Ah.. nothing, they just.. ah.. came.. ah.. came back to sleep somewhere between half past six and ah.. nine. Something like that..

Theon, you’d changed your style. Is there anything behind it, or just boredom of the blond?
T: Yeah, well.. ah.. I used to change my color and my hair style a lot and ah.. now I had had the long blond hair for quite a while and just want to change it a little.
So because of boredom…
T: Yeah, boredom.
… and not due to a character change?
T: No, nothing like that. I was really bored by the old. [shrugs his shoulders] Right now I’m also wearing this hat very often, but.. yeah.. for a while.
Maybe you’ll get some pink hair the next time?
T: Ah, maybe not pink, but.. not blond. Why?
There had been a few discussions at your forum…
T: Okay?!
.. about you having pink, or blue hair.
T: [looks kind of shocked and surprised] Really?! Well, you can put an end to that kind of rumor. I don’t think that I will ever dye my hair blue, or pink.
Pity, it might look good, or just really different.
T: [shrugs his shoulders again] It might, but..
J: It might look pretty stupid, too.
[both are laughing]
T: Yeah. I don’t think that it would fit with my personality.

How do you keep your body condition?
J: Well.. [grins, rubs over his stomach] Couple of Becks every day.
T & J: Now…
J: [moves his hand to show Theon hat he can continue] After you.
T: Well back home I’ll try to… try to do a little sports every day. Then I go swimming, sometimes to the gymnasium and so on..
J: Playing drums does it for me. I agree. I do not do that much exercising. All the time I play drums.

Are there any plans for a new album yet, or are you just touring around with “Pretend or Surrender” and having a break?
T: Well, of course we have some plans. As a musician you can’t stop think about the next.. ah.. next album and next songs, ‘cause.. ah.. there’s so much happening between records. You have to take all the time you can to make new songs and stuff like that, but so far we haven’t rehearsed any songs together. But there’re some songs already written and.. ah.. stuff like that.
Is your music style going to change again?
[again both start to talk at the same time]
J: It’s not possible to say at this point. But well.. of course.. a little much.. yeah.. we don’t know what will happen.
T: Probably we’ll change a little, but I don’t think anything that dramatic.
J: Yeah. [nods]

Do you have any other talents, or skills than singing, or playing an instrument?
T: Hm…
J: Talents..
T: Yeah, well I can hold a pen under my lip. [takes Julian’s pen from the table, fixes it under his lip]
[everybody’s laughing]
T: But I guess that’s not a talent. I guess not. [grins]
J: Yeah, I can do funny things with my stomach, but.. [laughs]
T: And I can also move my nose wings. [moves them]
J: Yeah, I can move them, too! Ah.. I can pull my ears, too.
T: But I think that are not the kind of talents, which would really provide us.. [rubs his chin]
I thought more about something like..
J: [starts to laugh very loud]
.. some special sport, or painting..
T: Ah.. well.. not really. Sammy is a great drawer. He’s a graphic designer. And ah.. we both are still students.

Can you cook?
J: Well, the main..
T: Ja. A little. A little.
What means?
T: Well.. chicken, meat, fish, a little couple of sources.
J: So bad not. [laughs]
T: Basic.. basic stuff.
J: Yes.
And are you cooking, or finally eating things from the microwave?
T: I cook a lot.
J: Yeah.. if I cook.. yeah. As often as possible.
T: I do not really like it that much, but I have to eat something and I don’t wanna eat fastfood everyday.

A question about your video “Turn”. Is there any special reason behind the fact that only you [to Theon] and Vivian are seen? ‘Cause it was very noticeable that for example you [to Julian] had only been seen for a couple of times, looking out the car window.
T: Ah, well.. äh.. the director.. the producer had a script for the video and there weren’t big parts for everyone, so they just wished that I would be the “good guy” and Vivian be the “bad guy” in that video. [shows the quotation marks with his fingers]
I think it was a good decision that you had been the good and Vivian the bad guy.
T: [shrugs his shoulders] We would definitely like that everyone would be shown more, but the script will not allow everyone to be shown that much.
J: [nods]

Which member of the band you would honestly like to kiss?
J: [grabs Theon’s hand and grins]
T: [grins back, looks quite longing]
J: Well..
T: Yeah.. here it is. [pulls up Julian’s hand]
J: Here it is!
Would you kiss right now?
T: Oh well.. not this time..
J: Or a couple of Becks.
T: Couple of Becks and a long night. We’ve kissed a couple of times, but nothing long. [grins] No tongues I think.
J: Yeah… not so far.
T: [looks very immediately and quite shocked at Julian]
To shy, hm?
T: Äh.. yeah. And.. ah.. I don’t… think that… it’s necessary.
J: Yeah.. it need like a very special atmosphere to do things like that.
T: Yes. And you can do it by.. can’t do it by forcing it, so.. yeah..
J: It comes naturally.

Do you think that the messages behind the songs are going to change, when the band becomes more famous?
T: There could come some different views to the lyrics.. but I think as.. the main writer of the lyrics try to stay fit and loyal to the band name and try to at least most of the songs to be about relationships.

Question to you Julian..
J: Yeah?!
In your blog there’s a video you’re playing guitar with a very small “band”. What was that gig and..
J: Oh! That’s my.. well.. project band. We’re playing in Tampere at [some finish word I do not understand..] where I play the acoustic guitar and with my brother, who plays percussions. And ah.. we do these.. every now and then these acoustic like for cover gigs at some bars, or before gigs as guests. Every now and then a little something different.
You’re playing quite good guitar. I was quite surprised, ‘cause your normally known behind the drums.
J: Oh..! Well.. thank you!
Any plans for other gigs?
J: Ye..- well. We haven’t like.. we haven’t.. any dates.. [shrugs his shoulder] booked, but yeah, we’re going to play some more gigs in the future, but…-
[I got an SMS from a friend; mobile phone makes a lot of noise..]
T: [looks quite irritated at my bag]
Just ignore it!
T: ‘kay..
J: ..- we don’t know. Yeah, we really don’t know what about.. some more gigs..

What would you say to someone telling you that you’re no real guys? Maybe due to the make up, or your general style.
T: Well.. ahm.. I would tell them to fuck off. [grins and nods]

During a tour: Who’re the first one getting up in the morning and who’s the last one?
T: Ah, well ah.. at these German tours I’ve almost always been the first one to get up. For some reason, I don’t know.
J: Yeah, at first well.. I was always the one who woke up the last, but.. this time something has become a little different, so.. I don’t know.. It pretty much depends on how the night before had been spend.
T: Yeah, I think.. Jason and Christian have slept quite a lot.
J: Yeah.. [nods]
T: Quite a long..
That’s easy to imagine, ‘cause it’s very often Christian you can see during sleeping on your videos..
T: [laughs] Yeah!

Do you comment each others’ clothes before going on stage?
T: [shakes his head]
J: No.
T: No. [grins] We’re just true to ourselves. And that’s fine.

Okay, guys. Now I’ve got some practical stuff for you.
[I was taking out some paper and pencils, giving it first to them]
T: [looks at me] You’re scary.
[To Theon] You can paint Vivian and you [to Julian] Sammy.
T: Vivian?!
Yep, Vivian.

[the guys are painting]
Am I allowed to ask some more questions, or do you need your full concentration?
J: Yes, you can ask..

Until now; what was the best gig for you?
J: At this tour?  [looks up for a short moment]
J: Ahm.. for me.. I liked the gig yesterday [note: Hamburg]. In my opinion it was maybe one of the best gigs of the whole year. It was somehow.. just right.
And was it with the… “Fuck you”, you’ve been telling on stage?
T: [looks up, grins]
J: “Fuck yeah”! Theon came off to me and asked “Are you having a good time?”, or something like that. And I said: “Fuck yeah!”. [laughs]
Ah, okay. That makes much more sense than “Fuck off!”, which was what I’d understand.
J: Oh! Oh no! My “brother” [puts in into quotation marks with his fingers] from white flame, the bass player Sammy, used to sing the theme song of the movie “Team America”. [starts to sing] “America.. Fuck yeah!” You know that song?
J: So.. I just.. had been like playing in my head, so it was the first that came up to my mind. But no, I didn’t “fuck off”… Theon.. [looks at Theon]
T: [shows no reaction]

[to Theon] Until the tour started you’ve played the song “Fuck her gently” quite often.
T: Yeah.
Why? Any special reason?
T: [during he’s drawing] Ah.. I just.. I think it’s a fun song and it’s ah sort of... well ah… a little… a little like a relaxing feeling, but also some more like.. a little.. a little bit of teamwork behind that song.. so.. You shouldn’t take this song too seriously.
Going to play it tonight?
T: I think so, yeah.

Something else. There was once a contest for a video shoot the fans should do for your song “Take a shot”; do you know that?
T: Yeah.
What happened to that contest? Nobody can give us any information.
T: Really?!
Jep. We’d been asking for many times, but..
T: [turns around to face Markus and points at him]
Markus: ?! Ah.. no.. I’m not for the promotion! I just.. work for the interviews! But I can check it!
M: ……. Yeah!

J: Okay, I think I’m ready. [hands his drawing to me] Tadaaaaaaa!
You can sign it that everyone knows it’s from you.
J: Yeah.. I’m not too much of a drawer.
T: [hands his drawing to me, too]
[both are looking at each others’ drawings for a moment]

T: [sneezes] Gesundheit.

Bless you.

More than the less a final question. [to Theon] Are you going to take your shirt off tonight?
T: Well.. I haven’t taken my shirt off in a long, long time. I think.. I’ll let that for Vivian.
You could both take your shirts off.
T: I’m not sure if that looks not a bit too much like the backstreet boys, but..
You’re going to play a song from the Backstreet boys.
T: Ja.
So where’s the problem?
T: [shrugs his shoulders, but grins] Well ah… [short break] Let’s say we don’t want to look.. quite the same. [grins]
Don’t worry. You look better than them.
T: Yeah, I know. [grins]
[everyone’s laughing]

[Markus tells us that our time’s over]

Thanks a lot for the interview, guys!
T: Yeah. Thanks to you, too! Was fun!
J: Yeah, thx.


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