Interview with Heijaste
16.03.2008 in Tampere

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Sunny: Introduce you and your band first, please!
Viljami: Okay, I’m Viljami and I play in Heijaste. (laughs)
AJ: Yeah, I’m A-J and I sing in Heijaste.

Sunny: Okay! Can you describe your bandmember in one sentence?
Viljami: In one sentence? Mmh… (thinks)
AJ: Each bandmember?
Viljami: Each bandmember.
Sunny: Yeah, you can take each.
Viljami: Okay so…
Sunny: You can take whoever you want. (laughs)
AJ: Ehm, I don’t know. Viljami is crazy and I’m lazy and Juho is …
Viljami: mother.
AJ: …stressful, And Eero...
Viljami: an asshole (laughs)
AJ: ...doesn’t care at all.
Viljami: Yeah. (laughs)
AJ: Yeah that’s about it.
Viljami: Yeah, yeah, that’s about it.

Scherin: Okay! How did the bandname Heijaste arise?
AJ: (thinks) It came from our school book. Biologic, you know. Is it biologic?
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: What is it in English?
Viljami: Biologic.
AJ: Okay, Biologic. It’s not it.
Viljami: I don’t know (laughs)
AJ: Okay, but anyway. There was this word meanings at the back of the book and there I read Heijaste. And then, we picked it there. Was it your question? (laughs) What was your question? Was it like how Heijaste name came?
Scherin: Yes.
AJ: Okay (laughs) That’s great! (laughs)
Viljami: Okay it was a biologic book. I don’t know! (everybody laughs)

Sunny: So, what does 'Heijaste' mean? The word.
AJ: Heijaste is reflexion.
Viljami: Yeah, reflexion like. It’s not the actually meaning, but it’s kind of a reflexion, or something.
AJ: Or something like that.
Viljami: Like that. (laughs)

Scherin: Well we mentioned it already just before that you have a new keyboard player, but is he going to stay in the band, is he a fixed bandmember now, or is he just some kind of substitution for a hole and you’re just looking for someone else?
AJ: Well, time will show us, but now he’s just doing the gigs we have in this year, I hope all, but you never know if he’s going to be the next promo shots or something, but we don’t actually know yet.
Viljami: He’s a great, great keyboard player and a nice guy, so…
Sunny: That's good…
Viljami: We don’t know yet.
Scherin: Let’s see what time will bring.
Viljami: Yeah.
Sunny: Always.

Sunny: So, why did you name your album 'Silta yli kaiken' (engl. „A bridge over everything“? And have you had anything particular in your mind when you chose it?
Viljami: There was some meaning, but I don’t remember it. (laughs)
AJ: I don’t know. We tried to pick... like... think what would the better name be, and in the ‘Nämä Lauseet’ song (which can be found on the album as well), we sing “Silta yli sen kaiken” (engl. „The bridge over all that“. So there it came. We had like… would it be ‘Kiinni’ or ‘Alle Jään’ or something else and then the 'Silta yli kaiken' popped up and we picked it. I think that was it.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: I don’t know if it has any meanings. But… (laughs)
Viljami: We were thinking something, that there is something. But I don’t remember, maybe…
AJ: I wasn’t. (laughing)
Viljami: Everybody can imagine everything about it. So, you can choose your own.
AJ: Right, that’s good.

Scherin: Which one is your favourite song from your debut album and why?
AJ: Favourite Song. (thinks) I don’t know. I like ‘Nämä Lauseet’, 'cause it has the great drive in it. It’s more like powerful or something.
Viljami: I used to like ‘Suljetut’ most, but I think it’s also ‘Nämä Lauseet’ nowadays. It’ most like our stuff what we…
AJ: It’s going to be in the next album. It’s like harder.
Viljami: Yeah, a bit.
AJ: Something.
Viljami: It’s gonna be like.

Sunny: So now you told already about the new album, and are you working at new songs for the new album?
AJ: Yeah, A little bit slowly, but yeah. We are. And, well, we have like five songs in half way. So, we don’t have anything finished yet. Or all the time working on it.
Viljami: Well, we're playing those in our rehearsal place a bit. And they sound great. (laughs) He just yesterday took my guitar to his home, and now…
AJ: Yeah, I don’t have any guitars home. I have an acoustic, but I don’t have the electric guitar.
Viljami: You have! (laughing) Yeah you have!
AJ: (also laughing) I have actually two, but they don’t work. They broke. Okay.
Sunny: Oh no. (laughs)

Scherin: So, you already talked a bit about your progress for the new album, but do you have some kind of deadline, when you want it to be done, or do you just take your time?
AJ: Well, we don’t have any deadlines now, but I think it’s better do the songs like ehm… how do you say? Take your own time to do it. Don’t rush anything. It’s better that way. But I hope that this year we will go to studio. But we don’t have any deadlines.
Viljami: Yeah!
Sunny: Sounds good!

Sunny: When you create new song. What arises first? The lyrics or the music?
AJ: It depends. Sometimes it’s lyrics and sometimes it’s the music. But the lyrics are like: I’m walking on the street and there’s a great sentence and I write it in my phone, and then, I play something and try to sing that lyrics in that melody, and that’s hard to explain. But it’s not always first the lyrics and then the music. It's both sites. Did you understand? What I was trying to say? (everybody nodds) Okay that’s great! (laughs)

Scherin: What is the best and the worst thing when you remember your tour life, or when you are going to gigs or something?
Viljami: I think the best thing is to be with these guys and... like... just hang around and be in hotels and everything.
AJ: And we're crazy when we go to gigs and touring. That’s great.
Viljami: But the worst thing…
AJ: Is the waiting.
Viljami: Yeah, waiting! When we go in the morning to some place and we have to wait all the day.
AJ: Yeah, all the day. It’s not like we're going to in the morning, and first, you drive in the gig place and it’s one o’clock. Then, you... like... carry your stuff there and then you do wait to …
Viljami: Soundcheck.
AJ: Yeah, wait the soundcheck and then you wait again and wait again. It’s like in the day you have like 15 hours waiting and 45 minutes playing. And that's like... I don't know.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: It's just waiting all the time. And that's not so good. But hei... We have like... We do crazy stuff when we're waiting.
Viljami: Yeah. (laughs) We don't want to mention them.

Sunny: Okay, ehm... Till now: What do you think is your best and your worst gig so far?
Viljami: Worst... Mietaa. (laughs)
AJ: Yeah, yeah!
Viljami: It's in North Finland. And it was a horrible place. There was like, everything sucked, really.
AJ: Yeah, it was terrible and it was, I think, in the easter 2006.
Viljami: Six yeah.
AJ: Yeah. It was terrible. We went there and everybody... like... hated us, all the... (stutters)
Viljami: okay, Hated us.
AJ: Yeah. I don’t mean just crowd, but the crew there.
Sunny: Oi!
AJ: Yeah, it was horrible.
Viljami: But the best gig. Maybe those Hämeenlinna Express. They’re kind of good. And…
AJ: Yeah! And I think Nokia…
Viljami: Yeah it was great!
AJ: Yeah, and… all the rest is the best.
Viljami: Yeah!
AJ: Mietaa sucks. (laughs)
Viljami: Exactly, yeah! (laughs)

Scherin: About gigs in general, before you play them, are you usually nervous or is there some kind of experience so that there isn’t any nervousness anymore?
Viljami: Not so.
AJ: Yeah, I am nervous.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: I’m nervous like 20 minutes before gig.
Viljami: Yeah that’s … and…
AJ: I’m not like very nervous.
Viljami: I understand …
AJ: Before that, like don’t understand that we have gig.
Viljami: Yeah!
AJ: 20 Minutes before gig I’m starting to shake and be afraid and... (laughs)
Viljami: For me it comes like on the stage before. Just one minute before playing when I have my guitar and everybody is on their places and before we’re starting it comes like: Fuck! I’m here! (laughs)

Sunny: Okay. Now you’re playing in Finland, and are there any countries you really would like to play one day and which ones would that be?
Viljami: Mmh… Brazil. (laughs). No.
AJ: I don’t know.
Viljami: Germany!
AJ: In Germany of course! (laughs) And anywhere.
Viljami: Anywhere, yeah.
AJ: Would it nice to be. Like just be in Finland
Viljami: Just like few gigs or something. Yeah.

Scherin: And are there any concrete plans about that, or is this just speculative yet?
AJ: We haven’t discussed about it.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: To go abroad play gigs.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: I don’t know. We sing in Finnish, and I think… Well, I don’t know. Would there be any crowd when we’re going to play somewhere else than in Finland?
Viljami: For example in Germany. Would there be people?
Sunny: Germans would love you!
Viljami: Yeah. Well maybe, I don’t know. If …
AJ: Hei! Let’s go there!
Viljami: Yeah! (laughs) We will come there.
Sunny: That’s good!

Sunny: So now you’re playing alone. And if you had the choice with whom or which band, would you like to collaborate or record a song?
AJ: Record? I don’t know. Jann Wilde, or ehm... I don’t know. Our friends.
Viljami: Our friends. Yeah.
AJ: Yeah, with our friends. Renoise, Jann Wilde, ehm… I don’t know.
Viljami: Something.
AJ: With Paula Koivuniemi.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: Or Kaija Koo.
Viljami: Or Willie Nelson or something. I don’t know! (laughs) There are so many!

Scherin: If you haven’t been successful in the way you made it actually now, would something like, for example, Finnish Idol have ever been a possibility for you?
AJ: I don’t know, (Here, AJ continues his answer in Finnish, and we're sorry for not being able to get it.) I don’t know. I think that’s not our stuff.
Viljami: No no no! I could go there just for joke like ... Yeah (laughs), just for joke and then say that I don't really care about this shit! (laughs) I don't know. No!

Sunny: So what do you think about casting shows like this, and the way the participants and the winners are pushed after the show? After they win or something like that?
AJ: I don't know. Ehm... (thinks) That's... That's one way to get...
Viljami: ...famous.
AJ: Yeah. And liberate music.
Viljami: Record deal.
AJ: I don't know, it's like... We have been doing this like many years, like six years before we had this record deal, and they – they go some show, sing there, and then, they get a record deal and get famous and everything. I think they really don't know what is it. But I don't know. It's... How should I... How would I know? I don't know.
Viljami: It's so much nowadays about marketing and trading and those stuff, you know, like... I don't know, it's commercial stuff, so they always... When somebody wins that whole show and takes a one, 'cause everybody, the record company and everything are pushing them up like... It's the same – I don't know, nobody cares of who they play. It's so much money in that stuff. So, of course, they will be famous, 'cause in every magazine and in every show they are visiting, and... Well, maybe they have a true chance or so, but I don't know about that (laugs) I don't like them anyway. Yeah.
Sunny: (laughs) Okay.

Scherin: Ehm... Could you imagine to play in some place like the Eurovision Song Contest to represent Finland?
AJ: I don't know.
Viljami: Hell yeah! (everybody laughs) Of course! I don't know.
AJ: The Eurovision...
Sunny: You already played. (nudges Viljami)
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: Yeah, he has done it.
Viljami: I don't know. Maybe.
AJ: Yeah. Why not?
Viljami: Yeah!

Sunny: Okay! So, now to your career: Did you have any influences that made you start your musical career and affected or still affect you?
AJ: I had my big brother. My big brother played and plays in a band. He actually plays in Agnes, who came from 'Idols', too. He plays bass in their band. And what... That was my... Like that I started playing music. I was little and he played guitar and was like that cool and there, it came. I don't know if there's anything else... What to...
Viljami: I don't know. For me, it's maybe some... Some... I don't know. When I was young, I was always watching those band stuff and everything like became just... There is not any special guitar player or anything that I really like or... Well, it was and used to be Slash. And I'm going to get Snake now  also. (laughs) When I was younger, Slash has like a few Snakes. Those big ones. And I want one, too. (laughs) I decided like when I was 15 years old that one day, I'm going to take Snake, and now, I'm going to take. Well, that's not anything about this question, but... (laughs)
Sunny: (laughs) Okay.

Scherin: Well, that question is maybe a bit strange, but... Especially on this: We don't have an influence on it It was a question a fan sent to us. And it was the question if your instruments have a name, and if not, which would you give them?
AJ: Okay. I don't have an own instrument. I always sing in the mic that is in the gig place, so they are strangers to me. (laughs) (Viljami asks in Finnish, and AJ explains what the question is about.)
Viljami: Eh... I don't know. I don't name my guitar. It's handmade, but like... I don't know. There is no special name. I think it would be...
AJ: Marko... (surpresses his laughter)
Viljami: Marko! (laughs)
(The girls laugh their asses off xD)
Viljami: Yeah! Marko, Marko Aahola! Yeah!
Sunny: Why?
Viljami: I don't know! (laughs) Just a stupid name!
(Everybody just keeps on laughing xD)
Viljami: I don't know! I have to... Yeah, I have to make some name for it!
AJ: I don't really think that Juho has named his bass, or Eero...
Viljami: No. No. No. No. no. no. I don't know. Maybe, someday, I will... Next guitar!

Sunny: So... How would you define a rock star? (Viljami asks AJ in Finnish what 'define' should mean; AJ answers, 'määritää'.)
Viljami: Määritää, hm... Just a normal...
AJ: Pate Mustajärvi.
Viljami: Yeah. Just a normal guy who is just a bit more asshole than normal people. (laughs)
AJ & Viljami: I don't know.
Viljami: It's hard to define those.
AJ: So, real rockstars have really done something.
Viljami: Yeah, I think like many years.
AJ: Here in Finland, we have this band 'Popeda'. And the singer Pate Mustajärvi. He's a real, real star.
Viljami: Rock star! Yeah ... Yeah.

Scherin: Would you consider yourselves rock stars? Are you on your way to get there? Do you want to get there? Do you want to get there, or is this just all apart from that?
Viljami: Ah, it's so hard to think about that, so... I...
AJ: No, we're no rock stars.
Viljami: No, we're not rock stars, but... I don't know. People can tell when we're rock stars. (laughs)
AJ: And in the rock star... There's... I think there's some negative like... Hm... Things, too, when you say somebody is a rock star. Hm... He is all like diva or something. I don't know. I think we'll never be rock stars.
Viljami: No. At least, we won't say that I'M A ROCK STAR or something! (laughs)
Viljami: Yeah! Some other people can say it then.
AJ: But it would be cool to hear someday that... Something.

Sunny: Now you often hear that some Rockstars are destroying hotel rooms. Would you like to do that once in your life?
Viljami: Actually we did it already! (everybody’s laughing)
AJ: But it was an accident.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: we didn’t really throw the TV out of the window or anything like that. But the bed broke.
Viljami: Yeah.
AJ: Yeah just. I had to… how do you say?
Viljami: Fix it.
AJ: Fix it in the morning like ten o’clock before we had to go there. Leave back to Tampere. I had to fix the bed cause it was totally broken.
Viljami: And the room was totally messed, really. It was horrible. I was fighting with Juho. Yeah, on the floor and wrestling, yeah! (everybody’s laughing) Like half an hour or something. So…
Sunny: Yeah, I can imagine how it looked.
AJ: (on this place the micro hasn't get AJs >answer very good, cause it was already on the way back from him, we're sorry XD)... (the guys laugh)

Scherin: Now something about the... Maybe... Rockmusic Scene in general. You always hear something about Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll and as you certainly know during their career lots of famous people start to get problems with the use of alcohol and drugs. And do you think that drugs and alcohol are a possibility in any way to come along with everything that is connected with being famous?
Viljami: Well, like when you are famous and there is people always who use drugs. And when you get in some afterparties or some parties there is always really loads, loads of drugs and alcohol.
AJ: But is there really always?
Viljami: Well not always.
AJ: I haven't seen anything.
Viljami: Me neither. But, I don’t know. I haven't been in these famous before... But... I don't know. In Eurovision afterparties, there was no, and... I don't know.
AJ: Actually, what was the question really? It was like...
Scherin: ...if you think that drugs and alcohol are a possibility to get along in any way with that... With the pressure you get when you're getting more and more famous, for example.
Sunny: What Robbie Williams, I think, had.
Viljami: I think that's...
AJ: That's just weakness...
Viljami: Yeah! Yeah!
AJ: ...if you... like... doing drugs, because you're famous and you can't stand it. And: (changes his voice) Drugs are baaaad, mkay?
Viljami: (laughs – but getting serious again VERY quickly!) Yeah, it's true. It's really weakness, like... Everybody can decide, even if you're famous and you have pressure or something, anything – you don't have to take drugs! It's like... I don't know.
Sunny: Okay, now...
AJ: Did we answer that question?
(Everybody laughs)
Viljami: (laughs) Yeah, something like that!
Sunny: No, it's okay! Ehm, so...

Sunny: Now, maybe back to your life, so... When you were younger, which band posters did you have in your room?
Viljami: Mhh... I had some metal bands like... Really black metal stuff and something like that. And some rock bands also.
AJ: I had Apulanta when I was... like... Ten years old. I don't... (thinks) Yeah.

Scherin: Almost everybody goes through a phase in which they find their self-confidence, or in which they find their self-confidence again. So actually, what gave and gives you self-confidence?
AJ: Mhh... Ehm... Good feedback, I think. When we play a gig and people... like... come to tell us that it was great...
Viljami: Yeah!
AJ: ...and love your songs and... That's great!
Viljami: Yeah, it's nice to hear something like that. I think that's it! (laughs)

Sunny: So now, we have another fan question.
AJ: Okay!
Sunny: So (laughs) If you could be a pair of socks for one day, which ones would you like to be?
AJ: Which ones? Which socks?
Sunny: Yeah, which socks!
Viljami: Superman socks! (laughs)
(A reason for the girls to laugh again xD)
AJ: Ehm... I would be... (thinks) I don't know. Tennis socks. (laughs)
Viljami: (laughs)
AJ: White tennis socks!
Viljami: Maybe just normal black 'Superman' socks. They are cool. I have one!
(And the girls still laugh xD)

Scherin: Now, something completely different actually! Ehm... What jobs would you have if you weren't musicians? Or what jobs do you have when you aren't on stage?
AJ: Eh... I don't know... What  we would be if we weren't musicians... I think still, we would do something with music. I think we would... like... sell the...
Viljami: ...the promotion stuff or something, yeah. Of course! I know it's so close to heart, so...
AJ: I can't imagine anything else.
Viljami: Yeah! Something like promotion stuff or ... pictures. Something about arts!
Scherin: Sounds good!
AJ & Viljami: (laugh)

Sunny: So, now to the last question: How do you see yourselves in ten years?
Viljami: Rock star!
(Everybody laughs)
AJ: No. Mietaa place, playing the gig, and then...
Viljami: Yeah, there's... (laughs) There's thousand people, and... I don't know. It's hard.
AJ: I hope we'll be in gigs and we have done... Like... our eighth... Record.
Viljami: Yeah. Eighth...
AJ: Yeah...
Viljami: Our nineth record, and there is people, and people like us, and... Everything went good.
AJ: Let's hope!
(The girls nod)

Scherin: Thanks!
Sunny: Thank you very much!
AJ: Thank you!
Viljami: Thank you!
Sunny: It was a nice interview!
Scherin: Nice that you take your time!
AJ: No, no!
Viljami: Thank YOU!

(c) Sunny

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