Private Line Online Interview
with Jack Smack

Tell something about the single characters of the band!
These guys are best bandmates/musicians I’ve ever played with! They’re pretty mad and I love them all.
- Sammy=Leader / Eliaz=U.F.O. Drummer / Illu=Master / Spit=Human Punk

Is there any hierachical order in the band? (like a rehearsal boss, a songwriting boss...)
Well we are quite democratic group in many things, but of course Sammy is the bands mastermind in the end. We’re like the Munsters family, sometimes we fight but still love each other.

Until now you released two records so the third will hopefully come soon. What will it sound like? Will there be any changes in your style of music?
Right now we are working with the new material for the next album. But I can’t say anything yet how it will sound or will it be different than our earlier albums. It’s because usually our new songs will change their form till the very end until the album is totally finished. But one thing we know and that is the name of the next album, but we won’t tell it yet, haha!

How far does your own taste of music influence the music style of Private Line?
Of course it influences, I think I wouldn’t be in Private Line if it wouldn’t.
I love many kinds of music, it doesn’t matter if it’s Rock, Classical, Rap, Death Metal, etc. I just love good music and vibes that it gives me, no matter what the genre it is. Most important thing in music is good songs and how those are performed.

Which newspaper headline would you love to read about Private Line?
Private Line sold out 5 shows in a row at the Madison Square Garden in New York after conquering Germany!"

In September you will tour in Germany. It’s not the first time here, do you remember your first show in 2005?
Yeah, of course I remember our first show in Germany. It was in Berlin. We were very surprised that we had such a great fanbase in Germany already back then and how fanatic the audience was, it was awesome!
I also touched the Berlin wall and drank beer in Wild At Heart, haha!

Why took it so long to get you back in Germany again?
There’s no certain reason. There’s many countries where we’ve only played once or twice and we’d like to go back as soon as possible, for example Spain and Japan. September 2008 is the time to come back to Germany and rock your world with "Prozac Nation – European Tour 2008"!

If possible, would like to make some sightseeing here to see more than just those clubs you are playing at? If so, what would you love to see?
Well I’ve been many times in Munich when cause I have relatives there and I think German is very beautiful country and you have the best beer over there!
Well, Die Toten Hosen-show would be great to see!
But of course it would be interesting to see some German historical architechture and maybe some 2nd World War stuff etc. But usually when we are on tour we don’t have time to see anything else than the club, hotel and the changing landscape between the cities.

When you hear "Germany", you are thinking of:
Relatives, Oktoberfest, sausages, Paulaner & Die Toten Hosen.

Do you know some words or sentences in German?
Yes but I’m not sure if I can write those.
Scheiße, schwein, Ich bin müde och du hast ein arschloch.
I know also how to say numbers in German. I studied German language 2 years in school but I can’t remember much about it. I think Spit is Private Lines German language specialist. BTW: Remember to ask from him about his band called Werkstatt!

Are the so-called groupies still a problem for rock'n roll bands?
Hard to say cause I don’t know any groupies.

How about the motto: sex, drugs and rock'n roll?
Keith Richards!

Imagine you are planning a party and this party should have a motto. Which would you choose?
Keith Richards!

Tell us something embarrassing that happened to you...
I don’t get embarrassed easily and if I do I can’t remember…

What do you think about piercings and tattoos?
Normal things. I have my ears and nose pierced.

If you have the possibility to be someone else for a single day, whom would you choose? And what would you do?
I would be the Lizard King and I could do everything!

What underwear do you prefer? And by the way: what are you wearing right now?
Black and black.

Would you undress yourself for a magazine for money or as promotion for Private Line?
Depends how much money and what magazine.

Imagine: It's september, you are in Germany, walking along a street and you meet some people looking at a Private Line Promotion Poster which says: "Private Line tonight at XY-bar" But they dont know about the would you convince them to visit your show?
I would say "Go check out this band from Finland and you’ll see how the Lordis members really look like…"

Some last words to those who know you - your fans:
Come to see the Private Lines - "Prozac Nation – European Tour 2008", you won’t be dissapointed!

All the best and keep on rocking there!

Yours cruelly:
Jack Smack from Private Line J

(c) LahjaDea

[Thanks a lot to Japa for answering my questions and for taking his time to do so]

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