Online Interview with
Matthau Mikojan (Bloodpit)

Please introduce yourself to the readers.
My name is Matthau Mikojan and I sing, play the guitar and write songs
in a band called Bloodpit.

How would you describe your style of music?
Heavy rock n´ roll...hooks... melodies and adrenaline. Someone has
called our music 'Dark rock' aswell.

What musical influences did you have?
Well, Guns N´ Roses used to be a big deal and so was Nirvana. These days
I listen to this and that and I guess everything affects me one way or

Is there any band you might compare your band with?
I can´t come up with only one because we´ve been compared to tons of
bands from Soundgarden to WASP.

How did you get the name 'Bloodpit'?
Paavo Pekkonen saw a dream where John Lennon told him to put a band
together and he even gave him the name `Bloodpit´. This was way back in
the nineties.

Do you have a straight order in your band?
Lyrics are the only thing that no one else has a chance to partake...
but otherwise we do everything together including the songwriting.

How did you start doing music?
It just happened. I was a little past ten when I wrote my first
songs...something like FUCK THE WORLD and other fuck-related titles ;o)

Do you remember your first concert you played? And in which way did
the band change since that time?

We played our first gig in 1999. I guess we were terrible... but somehow
we got better over the years and managed to build a following. Eight
years ago it was Paavo and me learning to be rockstars.

What aims do you want to achieve?
First we gotta sell gold.

Is there any place you dream of having a gig one day?
Not really... only the number of people counts.

Which of your own songs do you like most? And why?
I Remember. Simply because it´s so emotional and personal.

How would you recommend 'Bloodpit' to the Germans?
I wouldn´t.

When will you come back to rock Germany again?
in November so be prepared!!!!

(c) LahjaDea

[Thanks a lot to Matthau Mikojan for being so patient to answer all my questions and as well to Masa ^^]
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