Interview with PSG

Please introduce yourself and the band to the readers!
Misty: Hello everyone! I'm Misty, i play guitar in PSG.
Jay: Jay - guitar
Wege: Hi I´m Wege and i play bass in the band called PSG

Your band was actually founded in 1994 and in the year 2005 you had a comeback; what was the reason of reanimating the band?
Jay:The reason for getting together again was quite simple. Three members of the original PSG had been playing in various other bands and found out that PSG was the best band they've been playing ever.
Wege: I got bored with the band i was playing so i talked to T. Diamonds(former drummer) to possibilities to reunion and we called to Jay and he was in right away! Then we found Mistys magic fingers and there we were again! And this is so fucking fun!

What was the main reason of founding the band once in 1994? How did you get the idea to come together?
Jay: There was a band called Glowing Faces which was searching a new singer. I heard about that and went to chat with the drummer... after few rehearsals they changed the name to Psycho Star God, because the style of music had changed from GF.
Wege: We were playing in the band called The Glowing Faces wit T. Diamods and the band broke up. Then we decided to start a new band with DOC (first PSG guitarist) and Diamonds found Jay and we started to play. It was so fun that we decided to continue!

The name "PSG" in the short form of "Psycho Star God". What made you take this name as your band name?
Misty: It was first a drawing labeled "Psycho Star God" made by our former drummer Timo Diamonds. Then it become a title of a song and later on the whole band was called with that name.
Wege: Diamonds draw a psychedelic picture and named it "Psycho Star God"! We thought tthat it was a good name for a band and made song about it.

Which 5 words would describe your music best?
Misty: Honest, Real, Pure, Rock, LIVE
Wege: Weird, Fun, Loud, Sick, Great

In April 2008 you have made a tour through Germany. Did you cash in on this tour?
Misty: Crash, Bash 'n' Dash! But not Cash!
Jay: No way!

On your homepage I've seen that you had released a new single. Can you tellme something about the songs on it?
Misty: On the single there is three songs. Two of them with our current singer Mike and one from the earlier studiosession. The Last convoy is originally made back in the ninties, but since Mike joined the band in fall 2007 we made pretty big changes on the melodies & Mike wrote completely new lyrics to that one. It tells about the death of Mikes father. Don't you change your mind is actully first time performed in 29th of September 2007 when Mike appeared on the stage for the first time, only singing that one song. The last song called Pink Skulls is from the ninties too, it has been changed also since i joined the band in 2005. It a song that we tend to play live everytime. People somehow like it, we don't get why.
Wege: They are good stuff!

Are there any plans for a new album?
Misty: We are heading to the studios after the summer. Let's see what comes out then. We will release at least an EP then.
Wege: Maybe in the end of the year we`ll cook sumthin up

If you had to compare PSG and it's member to an animal, which would be the chosen one?
Misty: I am a cow. PSG is Totoro.
Mike: A crazy monkey family with adhd issues.
Jay: A mixture of a walrus, earthworm and a tiger
-> impossible to choose only one.
Wege: Huhhuh! I think it would be a bear! Heh!

A tragedy happens and nearly all woman dissapear from earth. Now you have to pick a male partner not to die due to loneliness. Who would you cull?
Misty: Hey! You said NEARLY all women, i'd still have a chance!
Mike: My other hand
Wege: Could it be anyone? Nikki Sixx would be mine then!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!
You wake up after a very strange dream and feel somehow different. Than you look down your body and -oh my god- there are boobs; you become a woman. What would you do?
Misty: Wear tights, heels and bitch about the men. Then I'd feed the world with my brests. I'd call them the cornucopias. That would make me and the world happy. Me being a woman would therefore stop all the wars & famine.
Mike: Boobdance YEAH!BOOOOBIESSSS!!!YEAH!Does it include the Beaverrrrr!!!!YEAH!!!BOOOBIESSSSS!!!
Jay: Grab my boobs mmmm...boobs!!
Wege: I would masturbate a lot!

What would be the titel of a love song you had to write to another man?
Misty: When a man loves a manman.
Mike: Arslove or Brownies makes us happy
Jay: "What the fuck you're doing here!"
Wege: Be my Dunkey tonite

Would you be a sex slave for about a few days under any conditions?
Misty: I would go for that with David Hasselhof & Götz Georg at the same time only.
Mike: Make it a week and we've got a deal!!!!
Jay: No way!
Wege: Depends who would be on charge. Maybe.

If you could decide on your own how to make a video to one of your songs, how would it look like?
Misty: I really really love animations. Maybe it would be an animation about a sad little creature. I'd like to have some message included there too.
Wege: Very, very weird!

How was your time in Germany? What else have you done here than touring?
Misty: I absolutely loved touring there! That's why we all wanna come back on tour as soon as possible. And we are actually planin a tour already. I've been in Germany few times earlier too as a holiday trip by train and by car just
going around, drinking and having a good time.
Jay: Sleeping...
Wege: We were walking a lot and had a few drinks too

You get the chance to be on the cover of a famous magazin to promote your band - condition: you have to be naked, would you do it?
Misty: Abso-freaking-lutely. I'd pitty the readers tho..
Mike: We would be naked anyway so..
Jay: Sure...not, maybe...depends on.
Wege: Ofcourse!

What would you tell a little guy about 10 years old if he asks you to tell him about your experiences of being a musician and if he should try to hold on with his dream as well?
Misty: One should never give up dreams! If you will continue on the road you've chosen, if you wont fake it, if you will not copy others and only do stuff you feel important then you will succeed in your life. It's the only thing that matters. Go chase your dreams little boy! ...and some girls on the way too.
Jay: I'd tell him to continue after his dreams and that he shouldn't give up. It's a hard work to do, but it gives you a lot.
Wege: I would tell him to go for it! You can do what ever u want if u believe it enough!

With whom would you like to be on stage? Maybe as support act?
Misty: Led Zeppelin, Rage Against the Machine, The Who, Pink Floyd...
Jay: No Means No
Wege: For now it would be Mötley Crue.

What do you want to tell your german fans?
Misty: Misty luvs youssss!! Hope to see you soon!
Wege: Thaaaaannkkkk Youuuuu all for being around!
Luv u all!!!

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