Interview with Janze
(Hellcity Punks)


Please introduce yourself and your band to the readers.
Hell-o boys and girls, I'm Janze, the singer and songwriter in The Punks. Other guilty parties are the guitarist and my songwriter partner Hooligan, the drummer boy Dennis and the maniac bass player Johnny.

Since when does your band exist?
Hellcity Punks have been together with the current line-up since 2007. Dennis and Hooligan, though, were making music already earlier under the name Hellcity Punks with some different guys, but in 2007 when I and Johnny stepped in "the real" Hellcity Punks were born.

How did you find together?
I found an add from Hellcity Punks' website saying that Dennis and Hooligan were looking for a new singer. I contacted the guys, we met at some bar, drank some refreshments and realised that we were soulmates. Then we went to our rehearsing room, played some tunes and found out that not only were we soulmates, but that we connected musicwise too. That was it. Then we started to look for a bass player. 
Dennis knew Johnny and we asked him to come and jam with us. From the very first moment we realised that this must be it. This is THE Hellcity Punks.

Your name is quite easy to interpret, I think, but can you anyway tell us its usage?
First of all I must say that the word Punks in the name does no mean punk music, but a punk as person... somekinda creep, you know.
I don't know. I think the name is catchy, maybe even somehow provocative. Like a good band name should be.

How would you describe the band and its music?
I'll put a straight quote from our biography here: "Hellcity Punks is a fine combination of poplike melodies, thunderous and intensive riffs, punky attitude and wretched stories about life. Although fostering the legacy of performers like Kiss, Mötley Crüe and Alice Cooper The Punks still succeed to sound very 21st centurian." I guess that tells the story pretty clearly.

What are plans for the future?
To write better songs, perform live as much as possible, make our name better known among people, make good albums. I guess sky is the limit.

Even though you do not have that much songs until now, what are you musical influences and idols?
I think the ones mentioned in the quote from our bio are our idols and influences. There are, of course, many more, too. Some older, some newer bands, but I think I could say that as long as the music's good it can be an influence to us. It doesn't matter so much, that which category the music's in.

What are you doing besides the music?
All of us are still working outside the band. Hopefully we don't need to do that for very long anymore. But all the time we have from working, we spend to make The Punks a better and better outfit. We DO party too, of course...=)

How do your songs originate?
It's either me or Hooligan who comes up with some riffs, melodies or phrases and then me and Hooligan put them together to a raw song. Then we all together polish the ruff diamond into a real gem. =)

What 5 words would describe each member of the band?
Too hard. I'll give 1 word for each member. I think I'm the addict in the band. I don't mean substances necessarily but everything in life. Like some tv show or a band or anything. I get hooked on pretty easily. Hooligan is the common sense of the band. Dennis is the Duradell bunny with endless batteries. Johnny is the maniac speedfreak.

If you could choose to be someone else for one day who would be
the chosen one to change place with?
I would definitely want to be a girl for one day. So I'd know how it feels to stick things inside =)

If you have to leave Finland [no matter why] where would you move to?
To L.A. probably. To hang out on the strip. =)

Do you believe in supernatural things?
I have to say that I don't, even though sometimes some things in life seem a bit supernatural...

If you have to choose an animal as a familiar spirit or guardian angel which would it be and why?
Definitely a cat. I love cats. They're sexy.

What is the meaning of life for you?
To live, love and survive.

What do you dislike the most in world?
Backstabbers and fake people. Wars ain't cool either. And hangovers, don't like them.

If you could have a magical power which one would it be?
I'd love to fly. Like the Superman.

Imagine you can only listen to one song for the rest of your life. Which song would it be?
It should be as long as possible, that's for sure...maybe some Zep tune. I don't know...pretty hard one indeed.

Anything you have to tell the readers of the interview?
Thanks for reading folks! Go on and buy our records and come to our shows! Be yourselves and keep on rockin'!
Yours, Janze

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